Our Treatments & Fees

surgery 1We place the highest emphasis on regular dental examinations and preventive care. This will ensure your teeth and gums remain healthy for life, with the minimum intervention by us and cost to you. We carry out all aspects of dentistry and our kind and experienced Hygienist, Sharon, can also advise you on your oral hygiene and potential treatments.

If you are self-conscious about your smile, you can speak to one of our highly qualified Dentists, who can discuss treatment options and Care Plans to suit your budget and lifestyle.

We keep our prices reasonable and fair, consistent with the Professional time involved to provide you with high quality and long lasting treatments. We will only commence to treat you after discussing the range of options open to you and we can help you decide, which option is the best for you.

We will provide a full quotation, in writing, in advance, ensuring that there are no extras added on to your final bill. Most of our Patients elect to join our Full Care Plan however we also offer a Maintenance Plan for patients whose treatment needs are minimal.


Private Fees (non member)

Full Care Plan Member

New Patient Consultation



Regular Checkup




From £18 max £65

Emergency Call Out £130 £0
Accident Insurance Cover Level £0 Up to £10,000

Hygienist Visit (20 min)



Fillings: Amalgam

From £73


Fillings: White

From £98


Crown & Bridge (per tooth)

From £685


Root Canal Treatment

From £320

From £272

Tooth Whitening



Dentures From £590 From £240

Implant Fee Guide

Every Implant Case is unique.

After discussion with our Patient, a full Assessment and consideration of the Treatment Options will be made. A Treatment Plan and Quotation will then be provided.

Single Tooth Implant  from £2700
Three-Tooth Bridge on Two Implants from £5000
Lower Full Denture on Two Implants from £4000

All "Fees from" quotes above include:

  • Implant suitability consultation
  • Diagnostic workup (includes study models, diagnostic wax-up, stents)
  • implant placement phase, uncovering phase, abutments, impressions, temporisation (temporary denture or, where applicable, a temporary adhesive bridge)
  • Implant components - implant, abutment, crown/bridge/denture
  • 3 month review after completion of treatment

5 year guarantee - conditions apply:

  • Regular attender (at least one Dental Health Examination per year, including x-rays
  • Good oral hygiene, especially in the region of implant(s) - as for natural teeth, inadequate cleaning around the implants can cause them to fail
  • Hygiene therapy, where deemed necessary, to protect the implants
  • Bruxism - tooth grinders and clenchers may b required to wear a bite guard at night

Additional fees that may apply (but will be included in the Quotation):

  • At the planning stage, many implant cases need a CBCT scan, payable at the chosen Scan Centre (usually about £90-£150)
  • Surgery that may be required to ready the implant site include:
    • Dental extraction(s) (if not carried out already)
    • Ridge augmentation (bone grafting) - sometimes needed if implant site has lost too much bone
    • Sinus lift - to create adequate space for implant(s)

Coronavirus Phase 3 - Monday 13th July 2020

Back to Work!

The Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, stated that Dentists can go back to providing Routine Dentistry, from Monday 13th July 2020, except for doing Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGP’s). This statement actually relates to NHS Dentistry as the personal protective equipment necessary to protect Dental staff and their patients against Covid-19 is expensive.

PPE Extra Charges

Some Dental Practices intend to charge extra for PPE and/or raise their dental fees.
The James LR O’Donnell Practice will be celebrating 50 years since opening in November, 1971.
We have many patients who have been coming to us for decades.
We feel this loyalty to us deserves to be acknowledged.

Thus, we do not plan to charge for the extra PPE necessary for treating patients during this Covid Crisis. And for our Dental Plan patients, we have cancelled the planned increase in our Plan fees (due April 2020 for DPAS, and January 2021 for Denplan).

Keeping you safe with the return to Dentistry

After many months of lockdown, and despite the extra measures we have to take to protect you and us, we are most definitely looking forward to seeing you all again.

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