When the Practice was only two years old, a young school leaver, Alison Liston joined us, to train as a Dental Nurse.

She worked hard and received her Qualifications from the Dental Section of Telford College, here in Edinburgh. Many years later, she progressed to be one of our Receptionists and then, she was promoted to be our Practice Manager, a position she has held for over fifteen years. We have just celebrated with her, 45 years of clever, industrious and loyal service to all of us in the Practice!

She travels in every day from Pathhead in Midlothian- not an easy journey, especially with winter weather making her travel difficult. She normally arrives first, in the morning and she is seldom, if ever, off work because of illness. She was away during two periods, in past years but she was having her two daughters. She is well loved by all of us and our Patients.

Congratulations, Mrs Alison Douglas!

From: Mr O’D, Richard, Simon, Sharon, Mae, Kayleigh, Rosin, Emily, Juma, “Lucky” and Kathy

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