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Nervous Patients

We pride ourselves in helping nervous patients cope with that first visit.

We don’t do any treatment on your first appointment (unless absolutely necessary) and we only examine your teeth, gums and the rest of your mouth. 

We will tell you what problems we find and explain them to you. We will also discuss treatment options  and the costs involved for each option. We allow you the time to take it all in and only when you are ready will we progress to starting the treatment you chose.

It is so satisfying getting a patient through a treatment they didn’t think they could cope with and to see them blossom into a patient that is no longer as fearful as they used to be.

You CAN do this and we are here to help!

Dental treatment for nervous patients

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We are ready and waiting to welcome new patients!

We are happy to say that not only is our practice currently open to new patients but we always ensure there are appointments available - so, unlike many other Dentists, we will not keep you hanging around for your first appointment!