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We no longer ask patients to wear a mask in our Practice, in the waiting room, and when walking to & from the surgery, however we do encourage patients to wear a mask if they currently have a cold or other similar illness to protect our staff and other patients. We still use our ventilation system in the surgeries when doing treatment on patients.

New research on dentistry carried out on patients with active Covid infection, published in November 2021, has shown that the Covid virus was not in the dental aerosol created when using drills and scalers in their mouths – so the risk of spreading Covid in a Dentistry setting is much lower than had been assumed. Great news !!

We are pleased to say that we do not currently have a backlog to see patients, since Covid-19 created major difficulties in obtaining Dental appointments in many Dental Practices. We keep appointment spaces open for new patients – so Contact Us now for an appointment.


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We are ready and waiting to welcome new patients!

We are happy to say that not only is our practice currently open to new patients but we always ensure there are appointments available - so, unlike many other Dentists, we will not keep you hanging around for your first appointment!