Dental Practices in England were given Permission to re-open for certain emergency procedures, from the 8th June 2020.

In Scotland, we heard from the Chief Dental Officer for Scotland on 18th June 2020 that the re-opening of Dental Practices could happen the following week – for Dental Emergencies.

It should be noted that Dental Practices will only be allowed to open ONE surgery, with one Dentist, and only see patients with a pre-arranged appointment, to examine them. We have still been limited to providing Advice, Antibiotics, Analgesics.

The crucial difference from Phase 1 is that we can now actually see our own patients for emergency appointments.

We hope to be allowed to do a little more than this, with further approval from our local health board sometime soon.

As before, we are always available to discuss any issues that you may have – by phone, or if it helps, via video conferencing (Facetime / Skype / WhatsApp etc).
If you would like to discuss an issue with us, please contact us in the usual way – by first phoning our Practice number : (0131) 664 4768

During Lockdown, you will no doubt be used to social distancing, perhaps wearing a facemask, and being more aware of your surrounding and cleanliness.

Dental Practices are well versed in the important aspects of cross-infection control, from decades of providing high standards of hygiene, decontamination of instruments and our surgeries, between every patient.

After considerable research, redesigning certain aspects of our Practice, and enhanced cross-infection control measures, we hope to assure you of our utmost attention to detail to ensure you a safe visit to us. You will notice some subtle changes when you come to visit us.

Please Note  :
During Phase 2 Lockdown, we are not yet allowed to provide regular Dental treatment.
We are only allowed to provide an Emergency Service – and have limits set how many patients we are allowed to see per day.
You must phone us to book an Emergency appointment.

If you have ANY concerns about your visit to us, please ask us in advance, as we want you to feel happy and confident about your visit to our Practice.

For the months ahead, we do not know when Phase 3 will commence - when Dentists will be allowed to commence with Dental check-ups and Hygienist visits (possibly 3 weeks more)

This will be the decision of the Scottish Government and the Chief Dental Officer of Scotland. We will keep you informed of all developments.

We are really looking forward to seeing you again.

Kind regards

Richard D. O’Donnell, Fraser Borland, Dental Surgeons and Sharon Cahoon, Dental Hygienist.
Alison Douglas, Practice Manager

NB. Richard O’Donnell broke his left wrist at the end of March, the week after Lockdown began. He will not be able to start back into clinical Dentistry until sometime in August, when his wrist will hopefully be fully healed.

New Lockdown Measures, from 5th January 2021

Despite the latest Covid-19 Lockdown measures, the UK and Scottish Governments still allow travel to and from Dental Practices for Dental Treatment (NHS & Private). If you have already been to see us in the second half of 2020, you will have seen the extensive measures we have taken to ensure that all patients (and our staff) are kept safe from Covid-19 transmission.
We would like to assure you it is still safe to visit us for your routine and emergency Dental care. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to phone or email us.
Also, please see the previous Covid-19 posts on our website, here, for more information, as it is just as relevant now as it was when originally posted.