As you are aware, the Coronavirus (Covid-19) has severely impacted on all our daily lives. We have a responsibility to ourselves, our family and to others.

It has brought major challenges for us, caring for our patients. We must do everything we can to protect you and our dedicated staff here. We are all advised to stay at home, whenever possible; this is essential to reduce the spread of this potentially deadly Virus.

If you have dental pain or any worry, please telephone us on (0131) 664 4768, so that we can discuss your situation. If you wish, we can easily set up a video call: Facetime, Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp. Together we can decide what is best for you.

In the Practice, we are required to comply with the instructions of the British Dental Association and the Chief Dental Officer (Scotland), changing frequently, but now we have to cease all routine treatments and if necessary, any operative emergency treatment has to be referred to Specialist Centres.

We will advise you, please do not worry, be reassured that we will be here for you every day and will be keeping our web site fully informed, as time progresses, so check back regularly for updates.

If you were due for a Dental Exam or Hygienist appointment, we need to delay this, for a while, to avoid any possible contamination, (via the aerosols produced). In most instances, this will not be a problem, in the short-term. Please remember to care for your teeth and gums, with a concerted effort, for excellent toothbrushing and flossing, as we have shown to you.

As soon as we return to normal life, we will endeavour to complete all dental treatment planned, as soon as possible, offering extended hours, in order to bring our care of you, up to date.

Thank you to all our Patients, for your continued loyalty to us and you have our promise to look after your dental needs, to our highest standards, both now and in the future. In November this year, our Practice will be fifty years old and we intend, God willing, to have some celebrations!!

Kindest regards,

Richard D. O’Donnell, Fraser Borland, Dental Surgeons and Sharon Cahoon, Dental Hygienist.

Alison Douglas, Practice Manager